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Wall Repair

Tile, sheetrock, texture matching, wood paneling, feature walls, wainscoting, cement block or old school lath & plaster. To hire a plastering contractor can be a long shot as the art form is dying, but via Handiwerx you can find a versitle technician who can handle mud work, repair of plastered old walls, knock down texture ceiling repair, mudding and taping drywall, replacing drywall panels or fixing/patching holes from door knobs or rowdy college kids! No matter how many DIY videos a novice watches, the seamless execution and finesse that a professional drywall repair contractor can bring cannot be matched.

Making a Difference and Meeting Expectations

Drywall damages like holes, cracks, and punctures come in all sizes and by booking a handyman for drywall via @Handiwerx, you can simply consider it done. Our experts use high-quality tools and modern age plaster for repairing walls. Ceiling water damage repair should be thoroughly repaired and might require a deeper look to assess other building components to be sure your home doesn’t turn into a petri dish for mold. All the technicians in our network go through a strict screening process and are vetted to test their knowledge before joining, and have:

A clean background.

A dedicated work vehicle.

Related tools to accompany their experience.

Valid identification/driver’s license.

General liability insurance.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

Flexible time windows to pick from.

Our professionals show up on-time.

Leaders in Ceiling Repair and Drywalling Services

Our contractors work relentlessly to make the difficult tasks simple offering wall repair services from ceiling water damage repair to drywall for soundproofing. Once you hire a drywall specialist or ceiling repair contractor from Handiwerx, you never have to Google terms like “drywall contractors near me” ever again.


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