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Pest Control service

A pest control professional from Handiwerx is equipped with the chemical-free solutions to keep your home safe of hazardous treatments that require a special license. While a Licensed exterminator will have access to more options to treat your home or business, our service is best used for preventative measures.

We Understand your Predicament

Having pests living under your roof is possibly one of the worst feelings as they bring a plethora of issues. Pests can be a huge menace for any property as they can damage the integrity of your assets. Bats, stink bugs, spiders, mice, wasp, squirrels, ants, and other pests can cause a lot of damage and fast!

Making a Difference and Meeting Expectations

Handiwerx will check the interior & exterior of your home or business to see if you have pets or access points for pests. After assessing the variables, we’ll implement a treatment using baby-safe/pet-safe options to eliminate or prevent Critters from getting into your property.

All our professionals go through background-check.

Related tools to accompany their experience.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

Flexible time windows to pick from.

Our professionals show up on-time.

We assure satisfactory service.

Valid identification.

General liability insurance.

Leaders in preventative Pest Control

A handyman can offer more versatility than an exterminator and will often have a deep understanding of how a building functions to prevent or eliminate the problem at the source. Knowledge of carpentry, specialty adhesives, building material options, and a few tricks of the trade are all ingredients in our recipe to save you money while providing peace of mind!


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After 1.50 hours

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