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Plumbing service

Often times a licensed plumber is required, for everything else, there’s Handiwerx. Technician’s are equipped with the latest tools & experience in water heater repair, garbage disposals repair, fixing leaky pipe, replacing toilet float assembly, snake drain cleaning, and more. Using the right tools and techniques is imperative to addressing plumbing efficiently which is why this task is done better by professionals.

We Understand your Predicament

When a speedy resolution is a top priority, you can count on Handiwerx! You might be wondering how to increase water pressure in house, or maybe it’s a backed up drain in basement, or if your toilet makes noise after flushing. If you’ve exhausted both reading up blog posts or How-to videos on youtube with no luck, fill out the order form above to book your repair, we’ll bring the tools!

Making a Difference and Meeting Expectations

This is where Handiwerx comes in. Once you book light plumbing services via Handiwerx, you can rest assured that you will get the installation or repairs executed efficiently and on time. Our network of contractors go through strict screening processes and have:

A clean background.

A dedicated work vehicle.

Related tools to accompany their experience.

Valid identification/driver’s license.

General liability insurance.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

Flexible time windows to pick from.

Our professionals show up on-time.

What to Expect From Us?


Our technicians have the experience required to offer you highly efficient and cost-effective solutions. Besides offering a complete range of next day plumbing service, our technicians can also give you a diagnosis and suggest long-term solutions.


We at Handiwerx are flexible about booking, rescheduling, and more as your requirements. Check out our FAQ to learn more.

Leaders in Plumbing Services

Handiwerx technicians can handle anything from Running toilet to snake drain cleaning and ensure that you never have to google terms like ‘drain cleaner near me’ again.

Also, take a look at our subscription plans that can keep your home or business running smoothly!


All Jobs Have The Same Flat Fee

$159.00 / For 0 to
1.50 hours
$65 /Per hour

After 1.50 hours

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