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General Repairs

One gets stressed just by thinking about all those odd jobs around the house which they don't have time for. Be it home, business or any other property, maintenance, random jobs, and general repairs need to be dealt with regularly as such issues might incur bigger bills if left unaddressed over time. Whether you need exterior home repairs, or interior home repairs, our general repair service is a catch-all for hard to categorize items in and around your home.

We Understand your Predicament

A general rule when it comes to property ownership is to invest in general maintenance periodically. We understand that this sounds easy in-theory but it is not always feasible to follow this ruleor find reliable help. These issues surface at the very last minute or at a time when you are too busy to deal with it yourself. Leaky Roof needs a repair? maybe a little vinyl siding repair? possible sticky wood windows? or maybe a few door adjustments? Any other small items that need love? No other home repairing services should be trusted with your nest-egg! Handiwerx has you covered! If you have any questions, browse through our FAQ section find answers to our most common question before booking a handyman @Handiwerx.

Making a Difference and Meeting Expectations

Our handymen are skilled and ready to work! There are some tasks that you can DIY but when it comes to quality home repairs, there are no parallels to what a professional handyman @Handiwerx can offer. Each of our Technicians pass a strict screening process that goes beyond the boiler plate requirements. Before joining @Handiwerx, candidates must have the following:

A clean background.

A dedicated work vehicle.

Related tools to accompany their experience.

Valid identification/driver’s license.

General liability insurance.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

Flexible time windows to choose from.

Our professionals show up on-time.

Leaders in General Home Repairing Services

We’ve created the most convenient way to find a professional for small-scale repairs. Not every repair calls for a full remodel, but for everything between a headache & a remodel, there’s Handiwerx!


All Jobs Have The Same Flat Fee

$159.00 / For 0 to
1.50 hours
$65 /Per hour

After 1.50 hours

The Cost of Materials.

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