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Carpentry service

Are you struggling with small repairs around the house that require a carpenter? @Handiwerx it’s easier for you to get it done from professional grade tradesmen. We’re both Finish carpenters & Rough framing carpenters! If you looking to install windows, Install doors, install storm doors, Install cabinets, or maybe a few shelves from the bog box store, we got your back!. If you Hire Handiwerx carpenter service, you can rest assured that your window and door trim, Handrails, cabinets, window and doors installation, or other carpentry jobs will be done with superior workmanship.

We Understand your Predicament

Maybe you’ve been planning to get to that new garage door for a while, but can’t seem to find the time? Or, maybe you need an extra set of hands installing new kitchen cabinets? Whatever the predicament, we’ll bring the tools!

Making a Difference and Meeting Expectations

This is where Handiwerx comes in. We can restore and refurbish your windows, doors, patch realwood floors, and more. Our skill range- finish carpenter, framing carpenter and trim carpenter. When you hire a Handyman @Handiwerx, your woodworking project look fabulous! Handiwerx has a large network of contractors and only those contractors who have the following are registered:

A clean background.

A dedicated work vehicle.

Related tools to accompany their experience.

Valid identification/driver’s license.

General liability insurance.

Affordable and transparent pricing.

Flexible time windows to pick from.

Our professionals show up on-time.

Leaders in Professional Carpentry

Our team has hands-on experience with installation, repair, and replacement of wood handrails, wood railings, trim finishing, and more. If you are you looking to install new handrails along the stairs, install pre-finished realwood floors and shelves, or kitchen & bath cabinets, hire via Handiwerx as our services are backed by real customer reviews on the home page!


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1.50 hours
$65 /Per hour

After 1.50 hours

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