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Assembly service

Do you need Ikea cabinet assembly, wooden swing set installation, flat tv wall mount, playset assembly, or more? @Handiwerx can tackle these for you! We also assemble commercial office furniture, restroom partitions, desks & cubicles. Assembly can take the better part of a day to read the instructions and become a total drag if you’re not equip with the proper tools. We can take over this headache in under 60 seconds when booking from our mobile app!

We Understand your Predicament

Everyone’s busy doing stuff! Who wants to come home from work to do more work? We can help with your assembly tasks! For more information, check out our FAQ section to find answers for some of our most common Q & A’s.

Leaders in Professional Assembly Handyman Services

Handiwerx team has extensive experience in both commercial & residential settings. Office, Home, retail, warehouse we got you covered!


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1.50 hours
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